Dear Friends


I'm rubbish at prayer

I was lying in bed the other night and I couldn't get to sleep. I was tossing and turning and just couldn't settle off. And then I had an idea - I'll say some prayers: that always makes me sleepy. I suppose that's why all the books tell you to assume a 'comfortable, but upright' position when praying.

'What should I pray about?' I thought to myself. So I set off with a standard, 'Loving God…' and then continued by saying thank you for the day. I got as far as my journey into Milnthorpe and being stuck behind the car in front doing a steady 23 mph. But things went well in Milnthorpe - a really uplifting meeting, and then managed to motor through some paperwork. I came across a situation later in the day that was going well but still needed God's attention. And then an evening with friends at the pub quiz - came second, but only because the quizmaster added up the scores wrongly and gave us an extra five points!!

If I were to define prayer as being 'focused on God' then I'm not sure that I lived a life of prayer - but I did re-live it as prayer later in the day. No fancy words, just noticing God's presence, just saying thank you, just lifting things up.

If you want to be rubbish at prayer like me, then have a go at doing what I did - or just do your own thing. It kind of works - but it's not guaranteed to help you sleep!

September sees the beginning of the Methodist Church year. I'm not sure that we're any busier with God, but we certainly have a lot of meetings. Meetings are useful and do help us move along and develop as a church. But we need to always remember that a church community is a group of people who pay serious attention to God's Word, share in the sacraments, and love one another and the people around them. Here at Stricklandgate we are already good at that - but let's try to make sure that our meetings this Autumn help us to be even better.

Rev. David