King's Food Bank, Kendal, provides food boxes containing 3-4 days of nutritional, non-perishable food for those who are temporarily unable to provide for themselves due to an emergency crisis situation. Each food box is tailored to meet the needs of the individual or family and is distributed through a referral system.

The food bank is running well, food donations are arriving from 11 Churches. Eleven volunteers have been trained to make up food parcels and deliver them to people who have been referred by one of the 17 agencies that make referrals. 1,585 meals have been delivered all to people within an eight mile radius of Kendal.

Catherine Varley is delighted that nearly all the Churches in Kendal are participating but saddened by the need in our area. She is worried that the demand might increase in the summer holidays, when the children do not receive school meals. If the food runs low, Catherine is going to e-mail all the Churches, asking for whatever we have to be brought to the depot.

Thank you for your support of this ecumenical venture, we are about to deli,ver our 4th consignment of food and only one tin of tomatoes has been past its use by date. Please remember, no part packets of biscuits, everything has to be in the original shop wrappings.

Philippa Britton (Stricklandgate rep to King's Food Bank)


Christmas Extra

In addition to the usual shopping list, if you would like to buy some little extra for Christmas, we would welcome donations of:-

Mince pies

Non-alcoholic Christmas puddings

Children's selection boxes

Biscuits, snacks or nibbles

Christmas crackers


Thank you for your support