Manna House is Kendal's centre for the homeless and vulnerably housed and we at Stricklandgate Church support it in various ways. The aim of Manna house is to provide support for the clients in various ways so that at the end of their time with us they have a place to live and the confidence to apply for work and live a positive fulfilled life. We have recently moved into new and enlarged premises on Aynam Road which has made a difference in the way we work.

We have a group of Friends of Manna House-FOMS for short -and this is one way of raising money for the activities that take place. This was the brainchild of Nina Bales, a very special lady. Her aim is for 1000 members and we still have someway to go yet. £10 a year and very good value! 

The weekly programme consists of Drop-ins from 11-00 to-2-00 with a good midday meal and company on Tuesday and Friday and on Wednesday there is the Skills Cafe where people have sessions with tutors on literacy and numeracy and IT skills with a creative fun group in the afternoon. There is a Pizza and Video night once a month and since we moved into our new premises a pool table as well.

The meals at drop-in are cooked by volunteers but at skills cafe they are provided by clients. There is also a client duty rota for cleaning. As you will see all we do is geared to independence and a positive self image. At other times during the week there is advice and advocacy for clients who need help in finding homes or support for other issues. The Big Issue in the North is also distributed at Manna House. If you haven't bought it do try. Some of it may not intersest you but there's some very good social comment

I could go on but please if you see a way that you could be of help and you'd like to know more speak to me, Enid Fox, or phone Manna House on 725534.