The Karibuni Trust

In 1990 Revd Bill Murphy, his wife Joy and daughter Corinne, served for six months in Kenya, experiencing first hand the problems of abandoned street kids.  Two years later, recovering from a serious road accident, Corinne had a vision of African children asking for help.  Her response was to start the Karibuni Trust as a registered charity in March 1995. 

 The Trust aims to raise awareness and money to support projects caring for children in Kenya who live on the streets, in the slums and in rural areas of extreme poverty.  They may be orphans, runaways or abandoned children, supporting themselves on the streets by begging, stealing, scavenging or prostitution. The Trust supports projects initiated and run by Kenyans.

In 2010 our congregation here at Stricklandgate heard the Karibuni story and adopted the charity for the year. We are encouraging and supporting the work  providing homes for displaced children, nursery and primary school education, feeding and assessment centres.   Karibuni is also in partnership with a Maua Methodist Hospital project providing holistic care for people living with HIV/AIDS.

'Karibuni' is Ki-Swahili for 'Welcome'.  If you would like to know more about the Karibuni Trust please go to


The picture below shows the Eco Jikos that were supplied by our Extra Present Appeal last Christmas.

Revd Sketer Makena, the minister who heads up this feeding programme for a local Methodist School at Limuru, in Kenya, sends her greetings. She and the school staff also send their grateful thanks to the church family at Stricklandgate



Mission Group Committee 

We are now in our second year of supporting the Karibuni Trust charity, helping disadvantaged children in Kenya. Their latest newsletter with information about the projects is available in the glazed area. Any further efforts for the charity would be welcomed by the committee. Many thanks for all the support already given.