Do you have an image of God ? The Bible is full of images.. a burning bush (that is not consumed), a cloud or pillar of fire ! Jesus used several images rooted in the Old Testament; a vine, bread, water, a shepherd, light ! One famous image of God which comes from the prophet Ezekiel is a river. He had a vision of a river flowing from under the Temple altar. It gets wider and wider, deeper and deeper. It provides food (fish and fruit from the trees), the leaves of the trees have medicinal properties, and the water transforms life for the good wherever it flows.. 'and everything will live where the river goes' (Ezek 47.9). This image of God is a river that flows within us. Jesus refers to this as 'living water' bubbling up within those who believe in him (John 7.38).

Christian spiritual life is about opening our hearts to the great flow of God's life which Is already within us. It is concerned with renewing, healing, transforming, both ourselves and creation. This underlines specific truths which we need to hold dear.

To experience God's life we only have to look within ourselves.'God is not over there'.. said one saint. He is not an 'object' separate from the rest of our life. His goodness and love already flows within us.

We cannot therefore earn or achieve God's presence.'By grace you are saved' said St Paul, 'and this is not your own doing'. (Eph 2.8) And why do we worry about not being good enough ? Jesus has done it all for us. We simply need to accept it and open our hearts to him. 

Spiritual life is about 'being awake', about 'seeing' about really listening to the heart'. Jesus said a lot about this too.. encouraging a clear awareness of what is hidden but real.

Finally we will discover on our spiritual journey that God is truly at our centre.'The indwelling presence of Jesus is at the core of our human identity'. This is the relationship, for which Jesus prayed (John 17).

So, if we want to enrich our spiritual life we need not worry and try so hard ! As one of the greatest spiritual leaders taught us, simply 'listen with the ears of your heart' (The Rule of St Benedict).